Related Policies and Projects

Extensive effort has already been made both at the European level and the national level to promote directives, initiatives, programs and projects that are built with the purpose of achieving sustainable society, sustainable consumption and production and resource efficiency.


Sustainability and Resource Efficiency

Flagship Initiative on resource efficiency 2011
European Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies
EU Sustainable Development strategy (EU SDS)
Mainstreaming sustainable development into EU policies: 2009 Review of the European Union Strategy for Sustainable Development
Action Plan for sustainable consumption and production and sustainable industrial policy (SCP/SIP)
Chemical Product Services in the European Union (CPS)
UNIDO’s chemical leasing


The EU Water Framework Directive
A Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s Waters


Transport Policy White Paper 2011


Common Agricultural Policy (CAP 2020)
The CAP towards 2020: Meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future

Eco-innovation and ICT

European Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP)
PRO INNO Europe®
Innovation Union website
Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative: Innovation Union
Digital Agenda for Europe
ICT for Sustainable Growth

Other links

Europe 2020
European Environment Agency (EEA)
UNEP website (United Nations Environment Programme)
OECD Environment
OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030



SCOPE:Sustainable Consumption Policies Effectiveness Evaluation
SPREAD: Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 (FP7)
Sustainability Outlook for Israel 2030
DYNAMIX: Decoupling growth from resource use and its environmental impacts
CEICILIA250:  Optimal EU Climate Policy
DESIRE: Development of a System of Indicators for a Resource Efficient Europe
ERMITAGE: Enhancing Robustness and Model Integration for The Assessment of Global Environmental Change
FUSIONS: Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising waste prevention Strategies
OPEN:EU: One Planet Economy Network: Europe
PASHMINA: Paradigm Shifts Modelling and Innovative Approaches
POLFREE:  Policy Options for a Resource Efficient Economy
MaRess: Material Efficiency and Resource Conservation
TOSUWAMA: Towards Sustainable Waste Management


EPI Water: Evaluating Economic Policy Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in Europe


OPTIC: Optimal Policies for Transport in Combination
Prosesc Project: Producer Services for European Sustainability and Competitiveness
ECOMove: Cooperative Mobility Systems and Services for Energy Efficiency


Agmemod: Agri-food Projections for EU member States

Eco-innovation and ICT Policy

EcoPol: Accelerating Eco-innovation Policies (FP7)
ICT Ensure (FP7)
ARADISO: Visions for Future Internet and ICT

Policy Indicators

POINT: Policy Influence of Indicators

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