A Glance at Servicizing

Servicizing is a transaction where value is provided through combination of products and services and where satisfaction of customer needs is achieved by selling function of the product rather than product per se and/or by increasing the service component of the offer. Thus, each offer represents a continuum of products and services, which can be further servicized.

glance at servicizing

Servicizing can take place both on supply and demand side, i.e. it can focus on systems of provision, e.g. production processes or servicizing products in the design stage, as well as on consumption systems, i.e. the way product functions and services are offered to and used by consumers. Servicizing can lead both to increased and decreased environmental, economic and social impacts.

To learn more about Servicizing have a look at the Wikipedia page on Servicizing created by the SPREE team based on the research we completed.

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